Community Resources

We take pride in being able to provide resources for our patients to learn more about addiction. Addiction may take over someone’s life, but we believe that learning and exploring can get our patients back on the right track. One of the ways individuals rebuild productive lives while dealing with addiction is through the process of careful and mentored learning. Addiction support services such as learning sessions teach the fundamentals of good mental health and strategies to defend against misuse of mood-altering substances.

Our Core Beliefs And Values

We believe that knowledge is one of the biggest factors to successful recovery. Additionally, strong family support for someone entering recovery is a strong driver of success. It is also equally as important to make sure that you are well informed when looking into treatment services. Having an understanding of how addiction works will help put things into perspective, and also give you a greater level of knowledge on the severity of the addiction. In order to do research and learn more, there are various avenues that can provide assistance and more information about drug and alcohol abuse.

Providence Healthcare takes pride in being one of the top drug and alcohol treatment providers in Washington, DC.

Resources To Help You Overcome Addiction

Below we have some commonly asked for drug and alcohol addiction support services that can be advantageous to patients and their loved ones. Please contact them directly or contact us to get help yourself or a loved one.

Alcoholics Anonymous Virginia
Alcoholics Anonymous – Washington, DC Intergroup
Narcotics Anonymous Washington, DC
Al Anon & Al Ateen Service Centre of Washington, DC

Good Samaritan Law

Washington, DC has a “Good Samaritan” law that protects people from being charged or arrested for possession of small amounts of drugs and/or paraphernalia if they call 911 for help during an overdose. NOTE: This law does not protect those with large amounts of drugs or those with intent to traffic.

Naloxone Training Distribution

Naloxone is a drug that blocks the effects of opioids (such as heroin) and is used to prevent potentially fatal overdoses. Naloxone is widely available in Washington, DC to both medical and non-medical personnel. Learning how to properly administer Naloxone can save a life.