Group / Family Therapy

Family Disease

Addiction is often referred to as a “family disease,” and with good reason. Addiction affects not just the user but also the person’s loved ones, damaging relationships and destroying trust.

Providence Healthcare offers individual and group counselling/support to those who are affected by someone else’s drinking, drug use. We have found that the best way for family and friends to gain the support and knowledge they seek is to first attend one of our comprehensive workshops – individually designed with information specific to their concerns.

For these reasons, family therapy can be essential to recovery that lasts. It provides a safe space for families to address and resolve conflict, rebuild trust, and learn better, healthier ways to communicate with each other. It also gives family members an opportunity to gain a better understanding of addiction and how it affects their loved one.

Group SUD Counseling / Therapy

Group Counseling - Psycho Education

Providence Healthcare offers Group Counseling / Psycho-educational for those concerned about the opioid use of a loved one. Group therapy can provide social reinforcement and help enforce behavioral contingencies that promote abstinence and a nondrug-using lifestyle. Topics covered include: understanding addiction, opioids, building healthy relationships, understanding opioid withdrawal, treatment options, overdose prevention and self-care. Open to anyone in the community.