Individual Therapy

Substance addiction goes beyond physical dependence.

Individual therapy, also known as psychotherapy, has been found effective in helping addicts address deep-rooted conflicts, modify behavioral issues, and better cope with life challenges without having to resort to drugs or alcohol.

Providence Healthcare provides a variety of treatment options, including individual therapy. This comprehensive treatment approach involves just two people: the counselor and the individual. Through one-on-one counseling, we can target specific problems you may be experiencing and provide you with a safe place to share without judgment.

What Is Individual Therapy?

Individual therapy is a popular form of therapy that may consist of several different treatment styles, such as cognitive behavioral therapy and psychoanalysis. This form of therapy is conducted only between a counselor and the individual, each party is able to better focus on the other and develop a strong rapport. These counseling sessions typically last about an hour and can extend for many months or possibly even years.
Individual therapy aims to address specific challenges a person may be facing and how these problems could be contributing to substance abuse. As therapy is always performed in a quiet, safe space, patients can feel comfortable sharing sensitive information without feeling judged or self-conscious. Therapists help by listening, providing support, and giving advice to help patients make it through the recovery phase.

Reasons To Undergo Individual Therapy

There are many reasons why people suffering from drug or alcohol abuse addiction choose to undergo individual therapy. Many patients have difficulty dealing with personal issues alone and find that therapy can help them gain the coping skills they need to make healthy decisions and reach their goals. Some common goals of individual therapy are to promote change and improve a person’s overall quality of life.

What To Expect During Individual Therapy

During your first individual therapy session, you can expect your counselor to spend a great deal of time gathering information about your history and current physical, mental and emotional health. This will allow your counselor to get to know you better and identify a therapy approach best suited for your needs. After your session is complete, your counselor may give you an assignment designed to help you develop the tools you need to maintain a more positive mood and make sound decisions.

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